06 Aug Do you want large clients? Sign in the SAT


06 Aug Do you want large clients? Sign in the SAT



Many of us have gone through this internal struggle to register on the SAT or not. Especially when we have a more or less decent client portfolio that feeds us without the need to pay taxes. Why pay taxes if I can avoid it?

And in addition to this, the great task confusing, heavy, long, tedious, boring and absurd to start, continue and finish with the procedure of the SAT. We think it is something so cumbersome that it even becomes a reason not to register as a formal company (a moral person) or as a natural person.

Yes, it is also true that we have all already thought about it, we have discussed it, we have even informed ourselves, but we do not end up convincing ourselves.

There are two causes that lead us to register on the SAT

There are two causes that lead us to register on the SAT


Because you have a large client

Luck turned you to see and you got the lottery with a billetudo contract. Congratulations! Obviously this big client needs an invoice … You’ve run out of your informal days. A big step for you, now what it touches is that that door keeps opening you others and others. The road to your success is being marked.

You give a strong bill, you deduct everything you can, but of course you have to pay some taxes. There is no other. But it would be absurd to reject a strong income because of the absurd pretext that you do not want a part to be taken from you, right?

Because you have vision

Now let’s see the other bite of the cookie.

You have informal clients who give you to live quietly (if you’re lucky). But of course you can not get to offer your services or products to large companies because the issue of braking bills and almost intimidates you.

That’s where your vision and strategy come in. You take an important step (formalize yourself) with the desire and the coordinated work to get bigger clients. Sure, all this without neglecting your ordinary customers. Why win 10 if I can win 100? There is no valid argument for not trying and not thinking big.

Of course it is an important step that will take time and effort. But judge for yourself If you want to grow and improve yourself, you do not have many options. It’s worth a try?